Floor Manager / Assistant Floor Manager

Job Profile :Floor Manager / Assistant Floor Manager

Location :New Delhi, Bangalore, Thrissur, Hyderabad, Calicut, Seasons Mall Pune, Kumar Pacific Pune, Chennai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Greater Noida, Jamshedpur


To ensure the administration of floor and fulfillment of customer requirements to make them satisfied, so that the sale of the store increases.

Key Responsibility Areas

Floor incharge should have complete knowledge of the job desription's of CSA / Cashier and is responsible for making sure that all are being followed by the staff. The additional responsibility other than the key responsibility area of the complete staff reporting are listed below but are not limited to the same.

  • To ensure the cleaning of shelves, floor, door, windows, lighting and surroundings.
  • Proper shelving of products.
  • Replace broken items & barcode due to price change.
  • Handle billing & cash in case of shortage of staff.
  • Receive the delivery of goods from the warehouse.
  • Interact with customer to guide them as per their requirements.
  • Inform the walk-in customers regarding the new products and promotions at the store.
  • Taking customer feedback on the prescribed format.
  • Discuss and plan with the Store Manager the methodology for achieving the Store target.
  • Ensure the bills pertaining to telephone, electricity etc. are sent to HR Department within 24 hrs of receiving them.
  • Physical check of the stock as per TO/Bill/Challan and ensure that they should be entered in the system on the same day and report damages or variances as per LP procedure.
  • Maintain a register for receiving of deliveries from the warehouse.
  • Maintain register for damage, incoming & outgoing of goods.
  • Manage staff on the floor.
  • Make sure that the CSA’s have full product knowledge by providing them training.
  • Ensure they attend to the customer in the right manner.
  • Get maximum output from the CSAs by motivating them so that it results in increase in the sales and helps in achieving the targets.
  • Optimum utilization of Housekeeping staff.
  • Indent (vendor /dept wise) and handover/discuss with SM/ASM.
  • Handle customer queries and complaints.

Job Specification:

  • Update himself on all relevant products and service information.
  • Update IT Department on IT related issues via email or telephone.
  • Implement visual merchandising as per standards.
  • Ensure that Store ambience is Pleasant.
  • Ensure implementation of Dress Code & grooming Standards.
  • Brief the team and assign them daily target along with discussion on the previous day’s performance and MTD (achievement v/s target).
  • Ensure smooth Billing on POS.
  • Ensure that there is perfect interaction on POS between the Cashiers & the customer about the Power Price suggestion. Thus ensuring that cashiers are adhering to the KRA.
  • Ensure Security Guard and Housekeeping staffs are available.
  • Check & Ensure that the AC, lights, Cash counters/ Billing machines, telephone, tube lights, fire extinguisher etc are in working condition.
  • Conduct the daily inventory of 20 items in a given format and mail it to AMO after verification by the SM/ASM.
  • Keep control on theft prone items by conducting the daily inventory & submitting the report in the given format.
  • Keep track of fast moving items and inform the status to SM/ASM.
  • Do a daily sales analysis and discuss with SM/ASM.

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