Operations Manager

Job Profile :Operations Manager

Location :New Delhi


The timely facilitation of all the administrative requirements at the stores by doing cost consideration to follow the business strategy and ensuring the high customer satisfaction.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Store maintenance-repairs, renovation of fixture, equipment, and water dispenser, A/c’s, Light, telephone etc.
  • Purchasing and supplying day-to-day needs of stores paper bags, wrappers, bubble sheets etc.
  • Expanse control –Screening all the expenses statement on time accurate with budget, as per policy –prior approval, 3 quotes etc.
  • Receives in store administrative requirement requisites from all stores between 1st and 3rd of the month.
  • Review all the requirements of the store (electrical carry bags stationary and housekeeping.
  • Material is procured in 2-3 days time from the date of raising P.O. from the vendor.
  • Contact to a special company is given for the housekeeping of store.
  • Ensure that as per the requirement the housekeeping boys are provided to the store & for special occasion extra manpower should be provided to the store if required by early information of at least one day.
  • Ensure that the sufficient and on time supply at housekeeping material is there is each from the company side.
  • Ensure that the Finance Manager verifies the bills of material and attendance before getting cleaned from the operation departments for payment.
  • Ensure that there should be a fixed impress amount for all stores for their daily shop floor expenditure.
  • Ensure that stores are not spending any amounts more than Rs.500/- from impress for a particular job before intimating the operation department regarding the expenses to be committed.
  • Ensure that any expenses committed on interaction of a committing employee need to procure a permission document before committing to expenses.
  • Ensure that all expenses are submitted to operation department with all bills in prepare formal (expenses voucher & exp statements)
  • Voucher for store admin expenses are signed by the operation head and forwarded to accounts department after to computer verification of the bills automatically of the expenses.
  • Memos are issued to the warehouse to dispatch the carry bags as per the approved quantity to respective stores with other stationery dispatch.
  • Ensure that the orders are placed for production as per failure requirement & re order level.
  • Ensure that the detected list of all equipment installed at all outlets is kept with operation department including all warehouse equipment’s like department including all warehouse like –fire extinguisher, fans, lights, inverter, A/c’s, gensets, faxes, water dispensers etc.
  • It is ensure that all products have ANC’S expenses on the pacts.
  • As per the due servicing date, vendors are intimated about the date and complete supervision in kept till the service is complete & satisfactory.
  • Fulfill all activities for the opening of stores includes shelving, lighting, providing water dispenser, providing initial stationery, walk-in counting instrument and all other administrative works related to stores.
  • Monitoring, mentoring & motivating the sales team for effective functioning.
  • Initiating changes such as extending services to customers to ensure that the store is able to compete effectively in the local market.
  • To visit the stores to streamline the area of Operations and motivate, train the front-end staff and resolve any front-end issue.

Job Specification

  • Post graduate in Operations Management / Event Management / Business Management.
  • Creative decision making skills.
  • Data analysis and decision making.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Have good knowledge of visual merchandising.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Dynamic and motivated.
  • Result Orientation, Knowledge of margins, pricing and supply chain strategy.
  • Should be a high energy individual who can identify and take advantage of business opportunities.

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