Assistant Manager Merchandising

Job Profile :Assistant Manager Merchandising

Location :New Delhi


To achieve sales and gross margin objectives by estimating needs and preferences of the customer and buying merchandize to fill those needs.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Under the guidance of Senior Merchandizing Manager and within the framework of NNGR Policy and Quality/Image positioning, develop a merchandizing strategy for the gross profits and controlled element of net profit.
  • Prepare monthly buying plans, actual and variance for last month’s buying plan.
  • Negotiate with vendors for favored terms, discounts and transportation allowance, conduct on-going performance rating for each vendor.
  • Frequently exploring new merchandize trends and new vendors. Test new items in the market and bring them to Store early if it is a promising product.
  • Identify and maximize fast selling items, identify slow sellers and take timely action to dispose them off.
  • Inform Stores in advance about new products’ arrivals, features, list [product sheet].
  • Note and analyze the effects of advertising on your products.
  • Every month first week, send list of new products to all the stores for their requisition.
  • Documentation – see that all documentation – P.O., Payment Voucher, Sales Analysis are correct, on time and completely filled.
  • Check the reported stock shrinkage of your department, analyze the reasons and resolve it.
  • Participation in stock checks.

Job Specification:

  • Prepare the data for appraisal.
  • Review sales budget for the month, stock and plan your purchases
  • Review all vendor performance and update them
  • Prepare the variance report for all your department
  • Action plan for all your slow movers for the month
  • The plan of new category/product.
  • Review the performance of new product introduced during the month
  • Vendor return – barcode, shortages, defective, damages has been documented.
  • Price correction if there are any
  • Discrepancy reports/variance report – shortage/excess/complaints/requisition delays/ barcodes mistakes.
  • Payment schedule to Accounts.

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