Manager – Loss Prevention

Job Profile :Manager – Loss Prevention

Location :New Delhi


This position is responsible for implementation of security & loss prevention (SLP) policies and procedures related to people services and protection of Company’s assets (people, property, material & info) and be able to achieve reduction in shrinkages, contributing towards profitability of the company.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • To assure and judge the sales performance of each store and make comparative analysis of the pricing services.
  • Memos are sent on the name of merchandise regarding any requirement to the store.
  • If no corrective actions taken by the concerned department then follow up’s with those people.
  • If then also no action is taken then memos are send with dead lines.
  • Preparation of a report to the president after every visit to the stores for checking various things by giving explanation to each.
  • Random (surprise) visit to all the stores at least once in a week to check the activities.
  • Indenting the damages took place in the store and prepare a report on each store.
  • If the damages occurred while working placing of products or by negligence them replace & write a debit note on the name of that person by analyzing the fact.
  • If any customer makes the change or any broken & he/she is not paying the amount, then identify the customer.
  • Check all the register in the stores at a random visit.
  • Prepare debit note on the name of all those employee who are doing any activity which leads to material stick loss to the company.
  • Follow up with the merchandise regarding to defective goods in the store and asked them to take care of it.
  • If any theft took place or any misplace or missing of items then 100/-debit from the store staff debit note is prepared immediately and amount is deducted from salary.
  • Rate of amount deducted from the staff salary is store manager –20/-, cashier-30/-,shelf incharge-50/-.
  • In case of theft or missing of product, the amount is collected from all the concern immediately against the bill of that product.
  • Debit note is made in care of stationary missing or theft etc. in amount of the person on whose name it is issued. Impose fine on the store staff against any fast moving stock out product of damages made.
  • Check the cash invoice, cash in hand and the bills and match them for the records at company own store.
  • Identify that the positioning in correct by general observation and instruct the store staff to relocates the items as per their moving rate demand pricing and trend.
  • Check the expiry dates of the products at store99 at a random pick of products and if any them immediate replacement is made.
  • To check ensure the proper handling of products and items while loading & unloading.
  • Check the proper packing of the product considering the safety of the product at a random.
  • Instruction to store manager not to raise bills at items check barcode and pricing in the system, not to accept consignment without proper bill & challan.
  • Instruction and check to concern person to send uniform for outlet staff.
  • In case of any theft security people can also be debited in their account.
  • To check that security incharge /guards are checking the bills and goods while the customer goes out of the store.
  • Check the security is prepared as per the attendance at both company own stores as well as the franchise store.
  • Check that the shelves are allocated to all shop floor staff.
  • Give instruction to all security personal for frisking all staff and bill checking of customer.
  • Check that there is no unnecessary use of official assets e.g. telephone, internet, usage , electricity, transportation etc.

Job Specification:

  • Check that the products are available in the store all the time and warehouse send the dispatch at given dates.
  • To ensure & check proper & timely delivery.
  • To check on a random basis the proper handling of products item while loading & unloading.
  • Check that the billing & challan should be in proper manner at warehouse.
  • Send notification to warehouse regarding timely delivery of consignment.
  • Send notification to store manager to send requisition on time to warehouse regarding dispatch of material.
  • Notification to merchandisers for sending guideline in time to warehouse regarding dispatch of material.

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